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BREAKING: McConnell Allegedly Threatened President Trump If He Chose to Make Certain Pardons

On Tuesday evening, President Donald Trump granted clemency to 143 individuals before he left office on Wednesday morning. According to a bombshell The post...

Less than 1 percent of Illinois’ population vaccinated for COVID-19

Of the more than 500,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines that have been administered in Illinois, about 340 people have self-reported adverse reactions – that's...

HUGE: Mitch McConnell Gets Censured By Kentucky Republicans For Betraying Trump, Siding With Schumer

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell completely defied the Republican party last week when he defied President Donald Trump and sided with the Democrats. The post...

Trump grants Venezuelans temporary legal status on his way out

Members of the audience wave Venezuelan and American flags as President Donald Trump speaks to a Venezuelan American community in Miami, Fla., on Feb....

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