‘Allen v. Farrow’ on HBO: The 9 Most Harrowing Moments in Episode 1


The person who made the allegation against Allen and the retaliating custody case so complicated wasn’t Mia Farrow, Dylan Farrow, or even Woody Allen. That person was Soon-Yi Previn, Allen’s current wife and another one of Mia Farrow’s daughters.

In late 1991 and early 1992, the same time suspicions about Allen’s relationship with Dylan Farrow came to a head, Allen started a romance with Previn. Previn was in her first year of college at the time, and Mia Farrow knew nothing about them. That changed once she found a series of pornographic pictures in Allen’s apartment. Allen would later claim that it was Mia Farrow’s anger over Previn that led her report the sexual abuse allegation to authorities.

“I picked them up and I realized that all of them were of Soon-Yi,” Mia Farrow recalls. “They wouldn’t put them in Playboy. They were like, you know, I don’t know, Hustler or something. You know they were really, really raunchy pictures and I …. I just remember, I remember struggling to breathe. I remember getting my son, trying to put his coat on, trying to do the buttons.”

Eventually Dylan Farrow was told what happened between Allen and Previn. Allen v. Farrow is one of the first times we’ve publicly seen or heard her reaction to this shocking scandal. “I thought, ‘Oh, it’s not just me,’” Dyaln Farrow says in the docuseries.

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