Arizona fires Sean Miller in wake of numerous NCAA scandals


Three-and-a-half years after the FBI investigation into corruption in college basketball, one of the sport’s big-named coaches is out of a job.

After sticking by Sean Miller for years, looking the other way as its name was dragged through the mud and one of his longtime assistants served time in prison, the University of Arizona parted ways with Miller on Wednesday, according to Stadium.

Miller was in a precarious position as Arizona waited on the NCAA’s punishment for its role in the scandal. Former assistant Emanuel “Book” Richardson was arrested and later pleaded guilty to federal bribery charges in 2019.

Miller’s dismissal comes on the heels of Arizona self-imposing a postseason ban for this past year and releasing its notice of allegations in March that included five Level 1 violations, the most severe the NCAA issues. Miller received a Level 1 violation and there was an overall institutional control charge levied against the program.

On the court, Miller did a good job, although he never did reach the Final Four. Over 12 seasons, he went 302-109 and reached the Elite Eight three times, and was the PAC-12 Coach of the Year three times. 

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