Chill out this summer with these 10 air conditioners and accessories


The temperatures in New York City are already warming up — and it isn’t even summer yet.

Keep yourself and your family cool and comfortable through the increasingly intense summer we are about to have with these selected deals on air conditioning units you can add to your home.

The EvaChill is an ultra-portable personal air conditioner, which reaches full cooling power in just five to 10 minutes. It also cools the mood with soft blue LED lights, and has an easy setup for cooling and humidifying, with just the touch of one button.

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Nordic Hygge AirChill: Personal Evaporative Cooler

This personal evaporative cooler can blow cooled air across a 60-degree angle at five adjustable speeds. It’s a low-noise machine featuring an LED touchscreen for easy control, a removable filter, and a high-speed fan to spread the cool air more quickly.

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Kinkoo Mini Portable Air Conditioner

Create your own cooled microclimate with this personal air cooler. The three-in-one device can cool, humidify, and clean the air, which operates on a single charge for three to eight hours. Just pour in some water, and you’re ready to cool down.

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Keep It Cool Mini Personal Air Cooler

Another three-in-one humidifier, air conditioner, and purifier, this mini air cooler can blow air across a wide range, with three built-in fan speeds. It also features a soothing night-light for the ultimate calm sleep environment.

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Sensibo Air + Room Sensor

Not only a smart air conditioning controller, the Sensibo creates a comfortable indoor climate by retrofitting any existing AC unit or heat pump to add smart functionality. It features a motion sensor for Climate React – turning itself off if nobody is present. Its Bluetooth functionality and low-power battery design allow you to not have to keep it near an outlet.

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Mini Air Conditioning Cooling Fan

Create a personal cooling zone with three speed options and customizable airflow. With low energy consumption and the ability to release cleaner air, your sleep or living environment will be improved substantially.

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Cielo Breez Plus Smart AC Controller

Control your air conditioning via Wi-Fi, even when you’re away from home. This thermostat-like device is designed to control ductless AC and heat pumps, compatible with any mini-split, window, or portable AC with an infrared remote. It has high-level features like scheduling, comfy mode, and geofencing to maximize your convenient comfort. Control it remotely with iOS, Android, or desktop applications.

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Costway Evaporative Air Cooler Portable Fan Conditioner Cooling Black

This evaporative cooler has higher wind volume and lower temperature compared to similar units. Featuring a humidifier directed by the swing louvers and three speeds, you can set up a comfortable, cool climate zone with the included ice crystal cooling system.

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Costway 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner & Dehumidifier Function Remote W/ Window Kit

Use this portable air conditioning unit to cool small rooms of up to 400 square feet. Mounted on casters for easy movement, pick whichever room you need to be cooled and use its included remote control to set temperature, fan speed, and the timer for the most convenient climate control – and added dehumidifying.

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Costway Portable Air Conditioner Cooler Fan Filter Humidify Anion W/ Remote Control

This portable indoor air cooler uses a honeycomb cooling method and dust filter to distribute cooled air wherever you choose. The lightweight and economical unit has a removable, washable filter, as well as a 7.5-hour timer, easy-to-use LED control panel, large eight-liter tank, and ice-crystal cooling functionality.

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