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Ex-prosecutor: Cuomo’s Stalling Strategy

Even as Andrew Cuomo’s favorable COVID-testing treatment of family, top staff and pharma execs makes news, National Review’s Andrew C. McCarthy sees the governor “perversely exploiting the metastasizing of ­allegations against him as a stalling strategy,” with “everything, including the kitchen sink,” tossed into the Assembly investigation. The goal “is to project the impression that Cuomo isn’t afraid of an impeachment investigation, while in reality making the investigation so extensive that the third-term governor would be in his fifth term by the time it concludes, if it ever does.” Yet the “preferential-treatment” allegations make for “a black-and-white law violation that is explicitly made subject to potential removal from office ­under” state law — except that enforcing the provision would be up to first the Joint Commission on Public Ethics and then the Legislature. So if you think Cuomo will be gone soon, “disenthrall yourself.”

From the right: Vax Passports Are a Nightmare

“The Biden administration is reportedly working” on vaccine passports that would “ensure” we are “still consumed by the coronavirus pandemic long after the crisis has passed,” warns the Washington Examiner’s Kaylee McGhee White. Although the feds “can and should encourage vaccinations, especially among vulnerable populations,” jabs “must remain a choice.” After all, millions “have already developed antibodies,” and “researchers are still studying” the vaccines’ effects. Worse, barring the unvaccinated from certain venues would reinforce “the inequality the Biden administration claims to oppose,” since blacks “and other ­minority communities are statistically less likely to seek out vaccines.”

Washington watch: Senate Is Not A Hostage

“It’s time to change the Senate rules and stop holding this Senate hostage,” thundered Democratic whip Dick Durbin two weeks ago, notes ­RealClearPolitics’ Bill Scher. The next week, a bill passed the Senate 92-7. “If the Senate were actually being held hostage, this measure,” to “push back the application deadline for the Paycheck Protection Program,” would “not have passed.” Sure, it doesn’t “pave the way for the Democrats’ ambitious legislative proposals such as expanding voting rights, ­investing trillions in infrastructure, addressing climate change, raising the minimum wage or establishing a pathway to citizenship for undocumented workers,” but it’s “more than naming a post office”: 190,000 businesses had pending applications. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell even sided with the Dems to “squelch” Rand Paul’s parliamentary ­attack on the bill. That Republicans aren’t “total” obstructionists weakens Democrats’ “argument for prioritizing filibuster abolition or reform.”

Conservative: Killings Our Elites Play Down

In the woke age, “the races of the perpetrators and the victims” decide which murders become news, snarks Spectator USA’s Amber Athey. Witness the response to the recent killing in Washington of Mohammad Anwar, a 66-year-old Pakistani immigrant. A pair of teens tased him ­“before trying to drive away as Anwar was still hanging out of the driver’s side of the car. He was killed when the vehicle crashed.” Because the teens are black, “we got CNN referring to ­Anwar’s death as an ‘accident,’ in which he was ‘fatally injured,’ ” while “DC Mayor Muriel Bowser sent out a scheduled tweet telling residents they can prevent auto theft by locking their cars.” In the face of such “ugly posturing,” we must “point out the glaring double standard that so many in the media deploy to advance anti-whiteness.”

Foreign desk: Joe Shouldn’t Reward Terrorists

President Biden has resumed aid to the Palestinian Authority with a “guarantee” the money will be used “in full compliance with the Taylor Force Act,” which bars US assistance while the PA pays terrorists and their families, observes Nitsana Darshan-Leitner at The Times of Israel. Until former President Donald Trump signed that law in 2018, Washington had showered the authority with $5 billion in aid over the years. Yet Biden’s move depends “on the wishful thinking that American oversight will ensure the Palestinian Authority keeps its word and doesn’t reward terrorists who maim and kill.” That’s not likely: “The PA has made promises before, and murderers and their families still receive hefty compensation for their deeds.”

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