Get more done by listening to documents with this audio app


Studies find that reading is faster than listening. But there’s one major downside to reading—there’s no such thing as multitasking with it. Turn to the power of listening when you need to fit just one more thing into your day.

There are only 24 hours in a day, and sometimes, they’re just not enough. Between the demands of work, family, commute times, taking care of your health and trying to fit in an enjoyable hobby, something always falls through the cracks.

What if you could steal some of that time back by already having covered all of your emails during your commute to work or using your evening walk as a time to catch up on entertaining news articles? That was the thought behind developing Elocance, an app that converts text into audio so you can listen on-the-go.

You get to pick the content you convert. The app is capable of handling emails, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, word documents and more. Save articles from your browser to be read, as well.

That’s not the only choice you get — also pick the voice and accent in which you’d like to hear the material read. Multiple languages are available as well, including French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. Whether you’re accessing documents in their original format or just trying to brush up on your listening skills, this multi-language feature comes in handy.

Think this sounds great, but do you work in a field with a lot of documents containing personal data? Elocance considered that when designing their privacy features. Your professional documents are protected, thanks to Elocance’s strict adherence to GDPR guidelines.

So, racing to the courthouse without having finished that last brief? Load it into Elocance to listen while you drive. Got a pile of submissions to work your way through but you still need to get to the gym? Make a playlist in Elocance. Wouldn’t you love to say you found the next Great American Novel while jogging on the treadmill?

At $86.99 for the year, Elocance is a good investment for all the time you’ll get back in your life. But, it’s even better right now because new users are getting 50% off with code ELO#[email protected]. Download the app, subscribe and unlock with the code to enjoy a whole year of hacking productivity at half-off.

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