US reporters enable Beijing and other commentary


Media watch: US Reporters Enable Beijing

Major media have imagined a racial motive for the Atlanta shooting spree to feed “a social-media audience of woke identitarians — and now the Chinese Communist Party is getting in on the act,” reports Stephen L. Miller at Spectator USA. All facts suggest “this was not a crime based on the victims’ race, but their occupation,” yet American reporters’ false narrative “empowers China to deflect blame on everything from their gross abusive treatment of the Uighurs in Xinjiang to the global pandemic.” Chinese officials have already “used the anti-Asian violence theme to hammer President Biden’s State Department team,” rather than address the regime’s evils. The “addiction” to “activist storytelling” of “the American punditocracy is enabling an authoritarian ethno-state and providing it cover for its atrocious abuses.”

Foreign desk: Bidenites Aim To Sink Peace Deals

At Tablet, Lee Smith dumps on claims that the United Arab Emirates canceled a summit with Israel out of anger with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Rather, the Biden administration surely meddled in Israel’s election “by strong-arming the Emiratis” into “distancing themselves from Bibi.” Indeed, Obamaite “point man” Dan Shapiro eagerly pushed news of the cancellation through his “echo chamber.” The “larger” objective: to “weaken or dismantle the Abraham Accords,” which clash with Team Biden’s “stated goal of realigning the United States with Iran.” The Trump peace accords also sidelined the Palestinians, threatening professional “peace processors” now bent on destroying the accords.

Leftist: Biden Appoints a Speech-Squelcher

When President Biden appointed Columbia Law’s Timothy Wu to his National Economic Council, liberals hoped it meant “tougher enforcement [against] tech firms,” notes Matt Taibbi at his TK News site. But Wu is also “among the intellectual leaders of a growing movement in Democratic circles to scale back the First Amendment.” He suggests it’s “obsolete” and should be a “right that obliges the government to ensure a pristine speech environment.” This “new breed” of liberal aims “to be anti-corporate and authoritarian at the same time.” But to “effect change through authoritative action, they need to enlist the aid and cooperation of corporate power,” so “instead of breaking these firms up,” they may just “seek to appropriate their influence.”

Conservative: The Persecution of a Baker

PJ Media’s Jim Treacher asks: “What do you do in the United States of America when a local business can’t or won’t provide a product or service you’ve requested?” Most people would just take their money elsewhere, but not today’s activists: As the Associated Press reports, Jack Phillips — the evangelical baker whose right to refuse to bake a gay-marriage cake the Supreme Court upheld in 2018 — now faces a new suit, “involving a birthday cake for a transgender woman.” And the plaintiff is the same Autumn Scardina who launched the earlier case against him. Doesn’t she “have anything better to do? . . . It’s not enough just to be free to change genders, or decide you don’t have a gender, or marry a person of whichever gender they’ve decided to be that day. Everybody else must stand up and applaud you for your bravery. And if they don’t, you have the power to punish them.”

Libertarian: Teachers’ Unions vs. Science

Conjuring another reason to keep schools closed, “the teachers’ unions that have been the single biggest obstacle to reopening K-12 classrooms in Democrat-run cities and states” now question “the dominant global scientific view that three feet is enough distance between students during the COVID-19 pandemic,” fumes Reason’s Matt Welch. “The reality of kids ­going every day to school” with no outbreaks “provides a data-rich controlled experiment for those who have been stoking fears of snotty-nosed super-spreaders.” But ­unions still “plead a lack of resources” after months of “leveraging parental anger into gobs of federal cash” for schools. They are still “shaking down the public for one last big payday. Only in this case, millions of kids are suffering as a result.”

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